Stay Home and Drink Your Way Around the World by Ordering These Iconic Libations

Take yourself on an international tasting tour.

International travel may still be largely restricted through the holidays, but it’s possible to travel through your glass or mug with every sip of these wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s coffee and tea or whiskey and wine, drink your way around the world with these picks.

Recognize These 14 Small U.S. Towns? Youve Probably Seen Them in Holiday Movies

Step into these made-for-TV “holiday towns” that will actually welcome you year-round.

Have you ever sat down to—OK, just admit it!—watch a Hallmark or Lifetime movie in the run-up to the holiday season and thought to yourself, “Wait, have I been here?” This faux memory might be because you already spotted, in another holiday film, that towering Christmas tree on the town square, a lights show that nearly blinded you, or the epic snowstorm causing lovers to reunite. Not to dismiss holiday flicks set in metropolises like Los Angeles or New York City, but per director requirements, not every small town makes the, pardon the pun, cut. There must be a Main Street lined with charming boutiques, cafes, and antique shops so characters have a convenient hook-up for hot cocoa, a cozy sweater for a last-minute date, or unique holiday gifts. For this reason, some towns are turned into film sets over and over again for their ability to nail it. From New England to Southern California, here are 14 adorable towns that brought locals huge amounts of holiday cheer while filming.

10 Spectacular Outdoor Art Museums to Explore Right Now

With art lovers wary about lingering indoors, outdoor art museums finally have their moment in the sun.

As the COVID pandemic continues to rage, many Americans are rightfully heeding the advice to avoid congregating indoors for long periods of time. But health experts have advised that social distancing outdoors in masks is one of the safest options outside of your own home. Fortunately, for art lovers who long to gaze at inspiring works of art, there is no shortage of outdoor public art projects across the nation. Though temperatures are dropping, you can still bundle up and stroll through parks filled with playful murals, avant-garde sculptures, and colorful art installations.

You Should Be Shopping These Brands This Holiday Season

It’s time for a greener holiday season.

We love to travel and we love to shop but, sometimes, the two don’t go hand in hand. Fashion contributes to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and Amazon alone, in 2018, emitted 44 million (yes, million) metric tons of CO2. As explorers who venture out to the farthest reaches of the world, we have an important role to play in the future of this very Earth. While there will always be a place for fast-fashion and Amazon given their accessibility, veering away from the world of mass-production is an important step we as travelers can take to preserving the world we love to explore. With the holidays approaching and gift-buying on the mind, shopping ethically is the new task on every traveler’s to-do list—but changing our shopping habits shouldn’t be daunting, so we’re here to help. From the best products to our favorite brands, we’re making a sustainable holiday season as easy as click and add to cart.

The 10 Best National Parks to Visit This Winter

Baby it’s cold outside—let’s go see a National Park!

Covid-19 Disclaimer: Make sure to check the status of the states, regions, and establishments in which you’re planning to visit prior to travel. Many regions continue to see high infection rates and deaths, while many states and counties remain under varying stay-at-home orders. Those traveling from areas with high rates of Covid-19 should consider avoiding travel for now in order to reduce spread. While there’s never really a bad time to visit a National Park—unless, of course, it’s the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer, in the middle of Death Valley (a.k.a. “the hottest place on earth”)—some seasons are better than others. Whether it’s because of the ideal weather, fewer crowds, fresh perspective, or even just refuge from winter itself, the following 10 parks are especially enticing in winter.

The Quaintest Christmas Villages Across the U.S.

The holidays are looking both merry and bright in these towns where festivities run rampant.

Across the U.S., these holiday towns are offering the best in lights, handmade ice sculptures, and seasonal delights. From life-sized advent calendars to traditional Swiss alphorns to searching for hidden Nisse (Scandinavian Christmas elves)—and even the chance to experience an authentic wolf encounter—these seasonal festivities are not to be missed.