Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar — Fira


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Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar — Fira

Chill-out tunes, white couches and dim lights – Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar is an atmospheric solution for an upmarket evening. Pamper yourself with bubbly champagne or signature cocktails, this lounge bar turns into a dance floor when the night starts heating up.

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Santorini's nightlife revolves around its bustling capital, a buzzing hub that houses most of the island's foreign-patronized clubs and happening hangouts. The hectic town centre livens up at night, rocking until dawn in a uniform mixture of tourists and locals. Despite the other villages' less renowned bar scene, Santorini's holiday resorts, having developed substantially around tourism, are certainly not to be underrated. Picturesque bars dot the main drags, often gifting the travellers with breathtaking panoramas.