Adolf Wagner


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Adolf Wagner

Adolf Wagner is Frankfurt's most famous apple cider bar. Similar in style to a beer hall with its brown wall panelling, this is the place to sample cider served in large blue and white pitchers. Beer and wine are also available. The menu offers a wide variety of traditional German food such as schnitzel, pork knuckle, Rindswurst (beef sausage) with sauerkraut, homemade Bratwurst and much more.


Whether it’s an award-winning gourmet restaurant, a trendy eatery, international cuisine or a traditional apple wine pub, Frankfurt has something for every taste. Classics include, amongst others, the famous apple wine, which is served in a "bembel" (a blue-grey stoneware jug) and drunk from a special ribbed glass. Apple wine pubs typically serve the popular beverage with frankfurters, green sauce or "handkäs mit musik", little round cheeses marinated in vinegar and chopped onions. Most of the traditional apple wine taverns are located in Sachsenhausen. The Freßgass, the city's culinary main street, offers a wide range of cafes, restaurants, bistros and delis lining both sides of the street. In Frankfurt, many different food markets take place during the week. Several parts of the city have their own market, which is organised at least once a week. There, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and dairy produce, flowers and many other products.